Buddy Norton is the creator, designer, artist and laborer behind Canned Pineapple. He is a lifelong artist who has been in the sign industry for over eight years, during which he has worked under and in collaboration with some of the biggest and best people in the sign industry. Other than his impressive skill set, what sets Buddy apart from others in the industry is his undying passion for each project that he works on. He wholeheartedly believes that a single sign can be the final piece that connects a small business with it’s customer base, which is a responsibility he does not take lightly.

Born to create and collaborate, Buddy is the perfect blend of heart, personality, and skill. He has never met a challenge he won’t face head on (and with a smile), and is constantly striving to make his friends, family, and customers happy.

Based out of his home town of San Luis Obispo, California, Buddy is an ever-mobile artist who takes his entire sign-making operation on the road with him. While working on the road, Buddy lives and works out of his Dodge Sprinter van, which shows his dedication for working on projects he can be passionate about and meeting people he can build collaborative relationships with. With a big heart and a laugh to match, working with Buddy will be an experience you won’t soon forget.